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Hello everyone!

I thought I do a quick post updating everyone what’s been going on recently and my plans for the blog. Firstly, I have finished my master’s degree (yah), it was a lot of work. Still, I really enjoyed doing a dissertation in the end. Once I get my feedback (and I know I’ve passed), I’ll tell you a little bit more about some of the strange results… But to be honest, that made it more interesting for me to write about!

Neuro Pride

T-shirts for sale on Neuro Pride!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me launch at my online store called Nero Pride. I launch it as most of the autism T-shirts/products have puzzle pieces on them and did not celebrate neurodiversity. So why not have a quick look on Neuro Pride and see if there’s anything you fancy! Also, if you like the content I post on here and twitter, purchasing something from Neuro Pride will really help support me, as I currently don’t have a full-time income. Click here to start shopping!

The Petition

Speaking of T-shirts…. an incredibly offensive one was on Amazon saying that ‘Autism should be extinct’. When this T-shirt made onto twitter, there was rightly a lot of outrage, and I wanted it taken down. So I started a petition for Amazon to remove from their website. Thankfully it worked! There were 333 signatures in the end, and 10 hours after the went petition live, the T-shirt was taken down (hurrah). Thank you to everybody who signed their petition, you helped to make this world a little less hostile for autistic people.

Future Blog Posts

Now that I’ve got a bit more free time, I’m planning on posting on the blog more regularly. At the moment, I’m going to aim for two posts a week every Monday and Friday. It may not always be on these days of the week if life gets in that way, but I’ll probably let you know on twitter if this is the case. My next few posts will be around ADHD (as I was recently diagnosed) and some thoughts on education.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll be next posting on here on Friday.

Take care


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