Sia, Life Updates and Christmas Shopping!

Hey, everyone, the last few days has been a bit crazy (both on and off Twitter), so I thought for today’s blog I’d do a little life update with what’s been going on. 


I don’t think I need to repeat how many autistic people feel about Sia’s new film ‘Music’. I was disappointed that the film was based on tropes and appeared to mimic autism through a neurotypical gaze, rather than authentically represent autism (including not having an autistic actress cast as Music). 

I did have an emotional response to it as whenever autism is misrepresented in the media; every single autistic person has to live with the consequences. I often communicate my thoughts through sarcasm as I can find it difficult to express them in other ways at times. I did the same for my reaction to Sia’s film, which certainly got a mixed response. 

Some people thought I was making fun of autistics, which was not the case. I was sarcastically critiquing the film as it appeared to be based on stereotypes and neurotypicals misunderstanding autism (again). I understand that sarcasm can easily be misinterpreted, so I should have been clearer about exactly what I was criticising.  

I was surprised though when Sia responded! Sadly she hasn’t yet taken up my offer on having a conversation about why the film is problematic. The offer will always remain open. 

My Master’s Degree Result!

A few days after the Sia drama that unfolded, I found out I got a distinction in my master’s. It was a pleasant surprise to get this result! As we’re still in our second lockdown in the UK, I celebrated at home with my family, and we had a takeaway afternoon tea, which was delicious! 

ADHD thread

Although I mainly talk about autism, I decided to do a thread based on my ADHD and how I missed the obvious signs growing up. I was shocked at the reaction and the constant notifications. As I write this, the thread has been viewed by 8.5 million people! With 2.7 million engagements. Although some of my tweets get a lot of interaction, none have come close to the ADHD thread! Thank you to everybody who shown their support and shared it. I’m hoping this means a lot more people will discover their ADHD through this thread! (Click on the tweet to read the full thread!

Still Christmas shopping?

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for a fellow neurodivergent loved one, why not check out Neuro Pride. I launched neuro pride earlier this year as I wanted neurodivergent people to have more options than the puzzle pieces to celebrate their neurodiversity! T-shirts, hoodies, stickers and mugs can be purchased!

To arrive in time for Christmas 2020, below are the cut off dates for your Neuro Pride products! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my life update and I will be posting again soon. 

Take care


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