Why I use Grandomastery to help my ESL students

As part of my work, I frequently create resources and plan lessons for ESL students. Sometimes I need to find some inspiration about how I can make my classes valuable and unique, rather than something generic that students can learn from a quick google search. Thankfully, I was delighted to discover Grandomastery, which is now my go-to to help students improve their English abilities.

They have plenty of activities that encourage students to develop their advanced language skills. I find it particularly useful for students who are looking to attend universities in English speaking countries (if English isn’t their first language) and students improving their English to work in the business world. Some of my favourite activities on Grandomastery include The random advert for my students to practise their selling skills in English and the random Ideograms to help them understand some of the nuances there are in the English language.

One feature that I love and often use with my own students is how Grandomastery randomly selects an activity. I find this particularly beneficial to students who are looking to improve their spontaneity when communicating in English. Initially, many ESL students with an excellent English level may struggle with responding to questions on the spot or questions they haven’t had time to prepare for in a conversation. Although it can be challenging for some students to use the random feature on Grandomastery initially, I find students become far more confident with speaking English in day-to-day situations such as presenting their ideas for work or university.

Grandomastery also has a video explaining the difference between two types of randomization of activities – “CYCLE” and “RANDOM”

If your ESL students are looking to advance their English so they can communicate like a native, I would highly recommend using Grandomastery in your classes and for them to practice at home.


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