Ko-Fi Updates

Hi everyone

Quick post today! I wanted to share the updates on my ko-fi.

I set up my ko-fi at the end of 2020 as my blog posts was a big-time investment for me, and I wanted to dedicate more time to writing about autism. I did not expect many (if any) people to ‘buy me a coffee. I was completely surprised by the generosity of people reading my tweets and blog posts.

So firstly, this is a big THANK YOU from me. As I have a flexible working schedule, I can dedicate more time to writing about autism and neurodiversity when people support me on ko-fi.

So with this in mind, I’ve expanded ways you can support my writing and the blog.



You can provide regular support through my ko-fi monthly memberships. There are 4 membership levels, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Benefits range from access to exclusive content and requests, direct messages and zoom calls.



If there is a particular topic that you’d like me to write about! You can now submit a request for 5! On receipt of your request, I will give an estimated time I can get a piece of writing done (as this will vary depending on the time I receive the request).

Of course, you can still give one-off payments to say thanks and thank you again for your support so far!


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