The Neurodivergent Tax; Beyond Just ADHD?

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of the ADHD tax. ADHDers have extra expenses due to their condition. E.g. I’m always buying new umbrellas because I can’t remember where I put it! (this happens to me every winter multiple times).  However, I feel that this concept could be extended beyond just ADHD.Continue reading “The Neurodivergent Tax; Beyond Just ADHD?”

Sia, Life Updates and Christmas Shopping!

Hey, everyone, the last few days has been a bit crazy (both on and off Twitter), so I thought for today’s blog I’d do a little life update with what’s been going on.  Sia  I don’t think I need to repeat how many autistic people feel about Sia’s new film ‘Music’. I was disappointed thatContinue reading “Sia, Life Updates and Christmas Shopping!”

Yes My Autism Does Define Me

This is a post I’ve meant to write for a while, but now seems the right time to share it.  You hear a lot of ‘Your disability doesn’t define you’ and ‘You’re more than just your autism.’  An outsider might see that as a compliment, but it doesn’t reflect my lived experience.  The thing isContinue reading “Yes My Autism Does Define Me”

Openly Autistic, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

To be openly autistic or not to be openly autistic, that is the question, and there is no easy answer. I decided to be opening autistic as masking regularly was slowly destroying me, and I craved to live more authentically. However, the fact that I have a choice to mask or not is a privilegeContinue reading “Openly Autistic, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Autistic Psycholgoy Students, We Want To Here From You!

Hello, Hayley Edwards (@Hayley_TEP) and myself have noticed the number of autistic people who’ve had negative experiences studying psychology. To better understand what people have experienced, we are currently doing a survey to help make positive changes in the UK. If you are: -Autistic -Have studied psychology at any level (From GCSE to Doctorate) -HaveContinue reading “Autistic Psycholgoy Students, We Want To Here From You!”

Why can Job interviews be so challenging for autistic people?

We may not give standard or expected answers. Usually, in job interviews, the interviewers will already have some idea of what type of answers they are looking for when asking their questions. However, an autistic person may provide an entirely valid answer, but is not appreciated or misunderstood by the interviewer. Additionally, the interviewer mayContinue reading “Why can Job interviews be so challenging for autistic people?”

The worst part about being an autistic psychology student by Gemma Short

Hello everyone, please read the following post by Gemma Short. It highlights how badly autism can be respresented in academia. The other day I posted a tweet, which was pretty random and just simply venting a feeling that i’ve had for a while. It read: “Honestly one of the … The worst part about beingContinue reading “The worst part about being an autistic psychology student by Gemma Short”

To My Grandmother Who Never Got Her Diagnosis

Starting the day with a grapefruit for breakfast, and ending it with a glass of Sherry without fail. They blamed your emotional responses on a physical health condition. I now understand them as your responses to an overwhelming world. You didn’t understand why you experienced social isolation. This was because the world didn’t understand howContinue reading “To My Grandmother Who Never Got Her Diagnosis”

What is it like to be an autistic teacher?

Many people would assume that autistic people cannot be teachers, but trust me there are many autistic teachers out there! (Just have a look at autistic twitter). I have previously worked as a teacher as an autistic woman, so I thought I would share what it’s like from my perspective and experiences. It can beContinue reading “What is it like to be an autistic teacher?”

CALL TO ACTION: Help Osime Brown

Osime is disabled. He is vulnerable. He has been failed by the services and people that were supposed to protect him. He has been harshly and wrongfully imprisoned. He is traumatised and has been worryingly ill since July (he has a heart condition that has previously required two surgeries). Now he faces being torn awayContinue reading “CALL TO ACTION: Help Osime Brown”