I was the perfectly behaved girl, but school traumatised me

TW: Bullying and Sexual Assault It isn’t an easy topic to write about, but it’s necessary. Its been on my mind to write this post for a while. But one tweet I saw recently made me realise it was essential to talk about this, as I am not the only one. So thank you, DrContinue reading “I was the perfectly behaved girl, but school traumatised me”

Did my ADHD mask my autism? (and vice-versa)

Most people think if you are autistic or an ADHDer, then you’re diagnosed as a child and then all of a sudden, it magically disappears when you turn 18. Oh, how naïve this assumption is. I didn’t even get my autism confirmed until I was 24, and my ADHD the following year. Now I’ve talked about gender-bias aContinue reading “Did my ADHD mask my autism? (and vice-versa)”

Life updates, Neuro Pride, Petition and Blog Posts

Hello everyone! I thought I do a quick post updating everyone what’s been going on recently and my plans for the blog. Firstly, I have finished my master’s degree (yah), it was a lot of work. Still, I really enjoyed doing a dissertation in the end. Once I get my feedback (and I know I’veContinue reading “Life updates, Neuro Pride, Petition and Blog Posts”

What does a dyslexic person think about ‘The Battle over dyslexia’ article?

If you’re involved with education or neurodiversity advocacy, chances are you came across a recent article in the guardian ‘The battle over dyslexia’ by Sirin Kale. The main part of The article explores Julian Elliott (an educational psychologist) views on dyslexia. Naturally, as a dyslexic person, I was intrigued by the headline alone and wantedContinue reading “What does a dyslexic person think about ‘The Battle over dyslexia’ article?”

My Autiversary: Celebrating the first Anniversary of my autism diagnosis

So two weeks ago was the anniversary of my autism diagnosis. As being diagnosed autistic late was such a positive thing for me, I decided to celebrate as if it was my birthday. I was aware of the other autistic people acknowledging their autiversary on the anniversary of their diagnosis. I love this idea, soContinue reading “My Autiversary: Celebrating the first Anniversary of my autism diagnosis”

Why Autism Awareness Isn’t Enough

Now April is the time when the world “Lights up blue” for autism awareness, because nobody has heard of autism before right….????? To be honest, the vast majority of people have heard of autism by this point, but do they truly understand what it is? Do they know how to empower autistic people? Can theyContinue reading “Why Autism Awareness Isn’t Enough”

What Is An Adult Autism Assessment Like?

Now unless you have been through it, being assessed for autism may seem like a mysterious process. To be honest, it is, and I had very little idea of what my day would entail until it arrived. I completed the whole assessment process in one day, with the diagnosis confirmed by the end of theContinue reading “What Is An Adult Autism Assessment Like?”

Why Getting My Autism Diagnosis As An Adult Matters

I’ve often heard people say ‘Why do you need an Autism Diagnosis? You’re an adult!’. However, receiving my diagnosis in my twenties was genuinely life-changing. Here is why I consider it crucial that I received my autism diagnosis later, rather than never. I’m not going to outgrow my autism Autism is lifelong and isn’t exclusivelyContinue reading “Why Getting My Autism Diagnosis As An Adult Matters”

10 Signs Of Autism That Were Missed

I have been autistic all my life, but it was not recognised until my twenties (which was a massive relief) However, the signs were there, even if they were less noticeable.  I am going to write about what signs there were before I was recognised as autistic. Hopefully, this article will help some people whoContinue reading “10 Signs Of Autism That Were Missed”