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Peer Hub – Opinion: Is The NHS’s Autism Peer Support Worker Capability Framework Any Good? – May 2022

I Share my views on the NHS draft for the Autism Peer Support Worker Capability Framework.

Supporting Spectacular Girls: A practical guide to developing autistic girls’ well-being and self-esteem – Oct 2021

Commentary from myself features in the book and mentioned in the acknowledgments.

The independent- What is the Spectrum 10K DNA study into autism – and why are autistic people concerned? – August 2021

One of my tweets discussing Spectrum 10K was reported in the independent.

Women of Autism – The #ActuallyAutistic Culture and Identity Project S21 – July 2021

I was Interviewed for the Women of Autism for the #actuallyautistic Culture and Identity Project. Click on the link above for the full post.

National Survivor User Network – Nothing about us without us: why lived experience is invaluable to peer support – April 2021

My colleagues and I at Hearts and Minds disused with the benefits of lived experience in peer support with the National Survivor User Network. Click on the link above for the full post.

Hearts and Minds – Why I believe autism acceptance and understanding is better for our mental health than awareness – April 2021

I wrote for the charity Hearts and Minds about my view on autism acceptance and how it can help our mental health. Click on the link above for the full post.


Jenna interviewed me about being an autistic women, autism as part of my identity and my views on autism experts. Click on the link above for the full interview.

Teen Vogue – ‘The Trailer for Sia’s “Music” Hurts Autistic Girls Like Me’ December 2020

My tweet about the Sia situation was quoted in Teen Vogue! You can see the quote towards the end of the article by clicking on the link above.

Now This – Sia Gets Into Twitter Fight With Disability Advocates Following Backlash For Upcoming Film – November 2020

A sarcastic tweet of mine about Sia’s film was featured in Now This

NeuroClastic – ‘Thanks we hate it autistic people react to Miami’s new-police car’ September 2020

A tweet of mine was quoted at the start of the article about the autism police car in Miami! Click above to read the article.

Talks and Podcasts Appearances

The Psychology of Education, University of Bristol – July 2022

A discussion about Mental Health of autistic people at university.

New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) – Autism Acceptance: An Interview with Sarah Boon – March 2022

I talk with Ruth about Autism Acceptance.

The Real Michael Tanzer presents MICHAELISM Episode 4 – November 2021

I am interviewed about my autistic experiences by Michael.

PDA Dad UK – Understanding Autism and PDA – October 2021

My full discussion with Marie Gentles and PDA Dad about the BBC programme Don’t Exclude me.

The Grumpy Gits – S02 E04 – Oct 2021

I was on the Grumpy Gits podcast talking with Marie Gentles about the recent BBC programme “Don’t exclude me”.

Neurodivergence and Mental Health Podcast – Oct 2021

On the Neurodivergence and Mental Health Podcast, I discuss #autism, ADHD, dyslexia, bullying, university, organised chaos and much more with Sally.

PDA Dad UK Understand Autism and PDA – September 2021

I share my view on the Spectrum 10K project on the PDA Dad UK podcast.

Actually Autistic Educator – September 2021

My blog post The dangers of Spectrum 10K was mentioned on the Actually Autistic Educator podcast.

SquarePeg podcast – April 2021

I was back on the SquarePeg podcast for autism awareness week talking about talks to me about being kinder to myself, setting good social boundaries, and finding a new purpose in life.

DisabilityEd UK talk – March 2021

My talk about my experiences as a neurodivergent educator for the DisabilityEd UK Neurodiversity celebration week. My talk starts at 1 hour 17 and finishes 1 hour 43 mins.

SquarePeg Podcast – November 2020

I had a Lovely chat with Amy talking about childhood misdiagnosis, autism and ADHD, being autistic at work and how autism is taught to psychology students. My episode is Series 1 episode 10.

NeuroCast By Autisticly Aaron For ND Neuro News – September 2020

I had a great time with Autisticly Aaron talking all things neurodiversity, my own diagnosis journey and unmasking. You can listen to the podcast using the link above.

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