I’m Sarah, and I became a neurodiversity advocate in 2019 when I discovered my autism at the age of 24 and my ADHD the year after. I realised that many aren’t aware of their neurodivergent until adulthood (if at all), struggle fitting into a neurotypical world and understanding why. I felt a need to help understanding so that people could discover their own neurodivergence and neurotypical people could learn the best ways to support us. Since then, I have written blog posts, shared my experiences on social media, disused neurodiversity in the media and now work in the field supporting neurodivergent people.


Recent blog posts!

“Suffers from autism”

Quite often I tend to tweet things in the moment if I feel a strong emotional reaction to it. This isn’t always wise but the nature of my neurodivergence means this happens from time to time. However, recently I tweeted about autistic people suffering from ableism rather than autism itself. Again this was an inContinue reading ““Suffers from autism””

Autism 101: Masking

What is masking? Masking (sometimes known as camouflaging) is when autistic people adapt their behaviour to hide their autistic qualities to fit into a neurotypical world (non-autistic world). Below are some other autistic people’s descriptions of masking.  Why do autistic people mask? How long is a piece of string? There are many reasons why autisticContinue reading “Autism 101: Masking”

Autistic Children Socialising in School

Original Thread: A common belief I hear that’s it’s “essential” for autistic students to “socialise” in our schools, otherwise they will never develop the “social skills” they need in the real world. As an autistic adult, I fundamentally disagree with this view.🧵 — Sarah Boon #StopTheShock (@Saraheboon) November 27, 2021 A common belief I hearContinue reading “Autistic Children Socialising in School”