Autistic Children Socialising in School

Original Thread: A common belief I hear that’s it’s “essential” for autistic students to “socialise” in our schools, otherwise they will never develop the “social skills” they need in the real world. As an autistic adult, I fundamentally disagree with this view.🧵 — Sarah Boon #StopTheShock (@Saraheboon) November 27, 2021 A common belief I hearContinue reading “Autistic Children Socialising in School”

My actually autistic perspective on ‘Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism’

*This blog post is not parent shaming. It’s critiquing the documentary* This Wednesday on BBC one, there was an incredibly high-profile autism documentary in the UK. Naturally, being an autistic person living here, I was curious but extremely cautious about the documentary. I was cynical before watching it, as autism is frequently misrepresented in theContinue reading “My actually autistic perspective on ‘Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism’”

Observing autism vs being autistic: it’s not the same

Before I knew I was autistic, I was only observing autism. This may seem like an odd thing to say as I’ve always been autistic, but I was masking 24/7, and my internalised ableism at the time meant I was viewing everything through a neurotypical lens as the “right” way to experience the world. IContinue reading “Observing autism vs being autistic: it’s not the same”

Spectrum 10k paused. Good? Bad? Let’s break it down. 

Within minutes of the spectrum 10K announcements, it’s has been an emotional rollercoaster for many of us, with many twists and turns in the last few weeks. Like many other autistic, I’m exhausted. Also, a lot has been going on in my everyday life too. I’ve increased my work hours in one role and gainedContinue reading “Spectrum 10k paused. Good? Bad? Let’s break it down. ”

Why I still don’t trust Spectrum 10K

Click here to read my initial article “The Dangers of Spectrum 10K”. The last two weeks have been challenging and emotionally draining for the autistic community since the announcement of Spectrum 10K. There has been an intense backlash, and last night the lead researcher, Simon Baron-Cohen, released a statement claiming to address our concerns. SoContinue reading “Why I still don’t trust Spectrum 10K”

The Dangers of Spectrum 10K

It was just an average Tuesday morning while I browsed through my Twitter feed when I came across the glossy brand Spectrum 10k research project. At first glance, it may seem harmless to your average member of the public, who may think it’s a good thing. However, as an autistic person advocating for acceptance, thisContinue reading “The Dangers of Spectrum 10K”

A tragic epidemic or human super power? What has autism got to do with it?

If you’re a general member of the public and have only come across the word autism in the media, you’ve likely read that autism is the worst tragedy that could happen to your child, and they will have no quality of life. Or that we all have savant-like abilities and will advance the human raceContinue reading “A tragic epidemic or human super power? What has autism got to do with it?”

Autism, murder and misogyny, WTF going on?

TW: Murder, terrorism, extremism  To say autistic Twitter the last few days has been wild would be a massive understatement. The media and others were trying to link the Plymouth shooting with autism. Many pushed the narrative that lonely autistic boys get all incels, leading some to commit mass murder and terrorism. There is noContinue reading “Autism, murder and misogyny, WTF going on?”