Why I view my neurodivergence as a disability

If you have been following me on social media for a while, you probably think I see my multiple forms of neurodivergence as a positive thing. That would be correct, but that doesn’t mean I still experience challenges living in this neurotypical world. Although I don’t view myself as deficient, I do consider myself disabled.Continue reading “Why I view my neurodivergence as a disability”

Prison or school, Can you spot the difference?

Rarely a day goes by on Twitter without people kicking off about something. Sometimes it’s pointless, but today’s topic is something that’s worth discussing. Before saying anything further, I want you to read the screenshot below.  Obviously, it’s a school, but I couldn’t help thinking that an institution that strives to control anybody to thisContinue reading “Prison or school, Can you spot the difference?”

Why travelling solo is liberating for me as an autistic

One thing I’ve been fortunate enough to do is to travel, and in my late teens, I discovered the joys of travelling by myself rather than with a group of people. I was talking about this recently, and many autistic people were interested, so I thought I’d write my next blog post about it.  WithContinue reading “Why travelling solo is liberating for me as an autistic”

Does society violate autistic people’s human rights?

I know this controversial title, but I wouldn’t be writing this statement if I didn’t think it had any credibility, but sadly, I think it does.  Now I’ve talked a lot about my experiences before, and I’ve had many other conversations with autistics about the injustices they’ve experienced due to society not understanding their autism.Continue reading “Does society violate autistic people’s human rights?”

Autism, ARFID and my relationship with food

TW: Eating disorder  Intro  My relationship with food has always been complicated, and my autism is undoubtedly part of why very few, including professionals, struggle to understand why. This post is a topic I’m particularly cautious about writing publicly as I have faced so much stigma, judgement, and ableism regarding my diet. However, it’s anContinue reading “Autism, ARFID and my relationship with food”

How do I feel about birthdays?

Since being active online in autistic spaces, I noticed varying opinions regarding people’s birthdays. This got me thinking about my own birthday in a few days time, but the question is, do I enjoy them or even look forward to them? The simple answer is yes (although in the last few years I’m not soContinue reading “How do I feel about birthdays?”

Why I thought I had borderline before discovering I was autistic and had ADHD.

Some autistic people have borderline personality disorder (BPD), however, there are some autistic people whose autism is not recognised and doctors think it’s BPD instead. Many autistic people who are not diagnosed as a child can receive the incorrect diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) before finding out what doctors think borderline is actually autism.Continue reading “Why I thought I had borderline before discovering I was autistic and had ADHD.”

Using your autistic siblings for clout on social media needs to stop

FYI: Jemma (my sister), if you’re reading this, it does not apply to you at all. This also doesn’t apply to all siblings of autistic people. Many of us in the autistic community are well aware of some of the “autism warrior parents” Who centre themselves regarding their child’s diagnosis, compare autism to cancer andContinue reading “Using your autistic siblings for clout on social media needs to stop”

Why I identify with PDA as part of my autism

Now, I’ve talked a lot about how my masking made me become a people pleaser to extremes and how I was the shy, quiet student who always followed the rules at school. The type of child an old school behaviour focused teacher would describe as a ‘Model student.’   So if you’ve been following me onContinue reading “Why I identify with PDA as part of my autism”

Why I use Grandomastery to help my ESL students

As part of my work, I frequently create resources and plan lessons for ESL students. Sometimes I need to find some inspiration about how I can make my classes valuable and unique, rather than something generic that students can learn from a quick google search. Thankfully, I was delighted to discover Grandomastery, which is nowContinue reading “Why I use Grandomastery to help my ESL students”