To My Grandmother Who Never Got Her Diagnosis

Starting the day with a grapefruit for breakfast, and ending it with a glass of Sherry without fail. They blamed your emotional responses on a physical health condition. I now understand them as your responses to an overwhelming world. You didn’t understand why you experienced social isolation. This was because the world didn’t understand howContinue reading “To My Grandmother Who Never Got Her Diagnosis”

What is it like to be an autistic teacher?

Many people would assume that autistic people cannot be teachers, but trust me there are many autistic teachers out there! (Just have a look at autistic twitter). I have previously worked as a teacher as an autistic woman, so I thought I would share what it’s like from my perspective and experiences. It can beContinue reading “What is it like to be an autistic teacher?”

CALL TO ACTION: Help Osime Brown

Osime is disabled. He is vulnerable. He has been failed by the services and people that were supposed to protect him. He has been harshly and wrongfully imprisoned. He is traumatised and has been worryingly ill since July (he has a heart condition that has previously required two surgeries). Now he faces being torn awayContinue reading “CALL TO ACTION: Help Osime Brown”

I was the perfectly behaved girl, but school traumatised me

TW: Bullying and Sexual Assault It isn’t an easy topic to write about, but it’s necessary. Its been on my mind to write this post for a while. But one tweet I saw recently made me realise it was essential to talk about this, as I am not the only one. So thank you, DrContinue reading “I was the perfectly behaved girl, but school traumatised me”

Did my ADHD mask my autism? (and vice-versa)

Most people think if you are autistic or an ADHDer, then you’re diagnosed as a child and then all of a sudden, it magically disappears when you turn 18. Oh, how naïve this assumption is. I didn’t even get my autism confirmed until I was 24, and my ADHD the following year. Now I’ve talked about gender-bias aContinue reading “Did my ADHD mask my autism? (and vice-versa)”

Life updates, Neuro Pride, Petition and Blog Posts

Hello everyone! I thought I do a quick post updating everyone what’s been going on recently and my plans for the blog. Firstly, I have finished my master’s degree (yah), it was a lot of work. Still, I really enjoyed doing a dissertation in the end. Once I get my feedback (and I know I’veContinue reading “Life updates, Neuro Pride, Petition and Blog Posts”

What does a dyslexic person think about ‘The Battle over dyslexia’ article?

If you’re involved with education or neurodiversity advocacy, chances are you came across a recent article in the guardian ‘The battle over dyslexia’ by Sirin Kale. The main part of The article explores Julian Elliott (an educational psychologist) views on dyslexia. Naturally, as a dyslexic person, I was intrigued by the headline alone and wantedContinue reading “What does a dyslexic person think about ‘The Battle over dyslexia’ article?”

My Autiversary: Celebrating the first Anniversary of my autism diagnosis

So two weeks ago was the anniversary of my autism diagnosis. As being diagnosed autistic late was such a positive thing for me, I decided to celebrate as if it was my birthday. I was aware of the other autistic people acknowledging their autiversary on the anniversary of their diagnosis. I love this idea, soContinue reading “My Autiversary: Celebrating the first Anniversary of my autism diagnosis”

So What Can Autism Look Like In Young Girls?

I talk a lot about how autism presents differently in women and girls. I’ve just been looking through old home videos from my family and to me, it’s obvious looking back! (even though I was undiagnosed). So I thought I’d share some clips, so more people understand how autism can present. Also, it’s not onlyContinue reading “So What Can Autism Look Like In Young Girls?”