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If you follow me on twitter, you may be aware I’m a Sims fan. I loved the video game since I was a child during the early days of The Sims 1. However, it’s only recently I’ve come across mods and custom content on the sims (which I have found to be a game-changer). While browsing online, I came across a mod which can give your sims autistic traits. The mod is called ‘Aspergers Custom Trait’ by miceylulu. As I’m autistic, I was curious to see how adding autism into the sims could work, which I think is a great idea! So let’s take a look at the mod!

How Do I Make My Sim Autistic?

First, download the mod (Link is at the bottom of the page) and move the file into the mod folder you have for the Sims 4. When choosing personality traits in create a sim, select the Aspergers trait with the lama icon (I wonder why they chose a lama? 🤔), and your sim is now autistic!


So one of the first things I noticed was the enhanced focused feature from the Asperger trait (which actually came on a lot for my sim). I loved this aspect as it brings in the positive side of autism and not just the doom and gloom we see in the media!

Sensory Sensitivity

When the sim is in busy places, they can get over-stimulated from too much noise. I think this was important to include as this can be completely overwhelming.  My sim didn’t react much when they were overwhelmed, but I felt their emotions were being described accurately (as they felt very tense).

What Else Did I Notice?

There were a few other things I noticed were slightly different. My sim chose to read books over socialising (although they also had the bookworm trait, so this could be a factor). My sim also got tired very quickly after socialising,  which I experience a lot, but most non-autistic people don’t realise this! I really appreciated this small detail, and it’s extremely relatable!

So What Is My Verdict?

Overall, I think this is a good starting point! Some of the features were a lot like my own experiences of being autistic! I also liked how it balanced the good parts of being autistic and along with the challenges. Obviously autism impacts us differently, so in the future, I would like to see a mod where you could customise what autism is like for each individual autistic sim. However, I have no idea how to do this. So if any mod creators or EA are reading this (hint hint), I would love to see these changes in The Sims 4 and future Sims games. (Also EA if you need an autistic to advise you on how to add neurodiversity to the game, get in touch!)

The link to download ‘Aspergers Custom Trait’ is below.

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