Going Through School as an Undiagnosed Autistic: Twitter thread

For the original twitter thread see here: https://twitter.com/Saraheboon/status/1249393998579597312 Too often, autistic girls go through school undiagnosed or unrecognised as being autistic. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman, I thought I would share a thread on my experiences of going through the education system. (Pls share with those who work in education/anyone interested) I was seen asContinue reading “Going Through School as an Undiagnosed Autistic: Twitter thread”

What Is An Adult Autism Assessment Like?

Now unless you have been through it, being assessed for autism may seem like a mysterious process. To be honest, it is, and I had very little idea of what my day would entail until it arrived. I completed the whole assessment process in one day, with the diagnosis confirmed by the end of theContinue reading “What Is An Adult Autism Assessment Like?”

Why Getting My Autism Diagnosis As An Adult Matters

I’ve often heard people say ‘Why do you need an Autism Diagnosis? You’re an adult!’. However, receiving my diagnosis in my twenties was genuinely life-changing. Here is why I consider it crucial that I received my autism diagnosis later, rather than never. I’m not going to outgrow my autism Autism is lifelong and isn’t exclusivelyContinue reading “Why Getting My Autism Diagnosis As An Adult Matters”

19 Reasons Why I Am Convinced Elsa Is Autistic

Now I know you might be thinking really? With this headline. However, after watching Frozen 2. I am convinced Elsa is autistic. As a woman on the spectrum, she displays a more subtle profile (on a surface level) of autism, as many autistic women do. So here are my reasons why I am convinced ElsaContinue reading “19 Reasons Why I Am Convinced Elsa Is Autistic”