Signs of my ADHD that I did not realise were my ADHD

I’ve written up my ADHD thread as a blog post. If you relate to many of these signs and it impacts your life significantly the it might be worth doing some research into ADHD (please note this is not a diagnostic tool and is purely based on my lived experience). There is info at the end of this article about how to pursue a diagnosis.

  • Impulse purchases… yeah I’ve wasted a lot of money.
    Forgetting to cancel free subscriptions/trails and subscriptions I don’t use anymore.
  • Forgetting to cancel direct debits I no longer need. I took me 2 years to realise I was still paying an old flatmate for the WiFi bill.
  • Sentence structure and grammar can be all over the place. Although my dyslexia does influence this too.
  • Your mind never stops, it’s extremely hard to switch off at night to sleep.
  • Struggling with organisation and following routines. It takes a lot of mental effort to stay on task.
  • Losing you phone and other objects multiple times a day, even if you only saw them two minutes ago.
  • Short-term memory in general is more or less non-existent.
  • Have to fidget or doodle to concentrate.
  • Get distracted by everything, I need complete silence to concentrate. CANNOT resist picking up scabs/spots on your body. Gross I know, but relevant
  • Leaving your keys in the fridge after going supermarket shopping and then forgetting where they are until your next meal.
  • Intense emotions But can be overwhelming frequently.
  • Having random bursts of energy for a few seconds. Occasionally I’ll just have the urge to run (despite the fact I normally hate running)
  • Impulse tweeting (Including this thread)
  • I’ll continue adding to this thread when I think of some more, I just can’t remember them right now
  • Forgetting friends’ birthdays
  • Biting my lips and picking at my fingernails too much.
  • Constantly biting the inside of my cheeks.
  • It can affect my ability to recognise I’ve eaten enough food.
  • This is based on my lives experience of ADHD (combined type)

For Info about diagnosis, please click here

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