Signs of my ADHD that I did not realise were my ADHD

I’ve written up my ADHD thread as a blog post. If you relate to many of these signs and it impacts your life significantly the it might be worth doing some research into ADHD (please note this is not a diagnostic tool and is purely based on my lived experience). There is info at theContinue reading “Signs of my ADHD that I did not realise were my ADHD”

What to expect for your COVID Vaccine

I had my COVID vaccine yesterday, so I thought I’d do a thread doing this as an autistic person, so other autistic people will know what to expect. I got an email from my employer to book my vaccine because I am a key worker. I followed the link from the email to book theContinue reading “What to expect for your COVID Vaccine”

An Autistic’s Guide to getting a COVID test

If you follow me on twitter, then you may be aware of the COVID scare I had last week which invovled two COVID tests (thankfully, I don’t have COVID). Based on my experinces I decided to share what it’s like, so that other autistic people have some idea of what to expect if they needContinue reading “An Autistic’s Guide to getting a COVID test”

So What Can Autism Look Like In Young Girls?

I talk a lot about how autism presents differently in women and girls. I’ve just been looking through old home videos from my family and to me, it’s obvious looking back! (even though I was undiagnosed). So I thought I’d share some clips, so more people understand how autism can present. Also, it’s not onlyContinue reading “So What Can Autism Look Like In Young Girls?”

Going Through School as an Undiagnosed Autistic: Twitter thread

For the original twitter thread see here: Too often, autistic girls go through school undiagnosed or unrecognised as being autistic. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman, I thought I would share a thread on my experiences of going through the education system. (Pls share with those who work in education/anyone interested) I was seen asContinue reading “Going Through School as an Undiagnosed Autistic: Twitter thread”